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Airport Sweeping


At Envirosweep we know that at your airport, safety is job #1. We sweep all service and traffic areas so you can avoid damage caused by foreign objects. Even small pieces of pavement and flattened soda cans can cause serious damage if run over by an airplane or sucked into the jet engines. Envirosweep’s fleet – the newest and largest throughout Indiana – is ideally suited for use at commercial and military airports and is versatile in everyday operations.

Helping provide for the cleanliness of runways, taxiways, fueling areas, parking garage and surface lots, and baggage handling areas at airports is part of a typical day for Envirosweep.

Our airport runway and service area sweeping is completed using regenerative air sweeper vehicles to help reduce dust. Our sweeper trucks clean using a controlled jet of air which dislodges debris from the paved surface while also using water nozzles to provide dust suppression. This dust suppression combined with a high-efficiency, multipass, centrifugal dust separator helps clean the air and reduce fugitive dust while in operation.

Envirosweep employees understand Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Management, the importance of tower control and communication and we have many years of experience working on airports, runways, taxiways, around hangars and in concourse areas.

Envirosweep, LLC in Indianapolis, IN is a family owned and operated company that started in 1981. We have grown to become Indiana’s largest sweeping company and are the only power sweeping company in Indiana to be NAPSA certified.

Whether your paved airport area requires emergency cleaning, or you are interested in scheduling regular, ongoing service for your commercial or military facility, Envirosweep will deliver a dependable, value-oriented sweeping solution provided by licensed, drug-tested, & professionally trained sweeping technicians.

Envirosweep has the right equipment and expertise to meet your airport sweeping needs. Call today, or send us a service request to learn more about our cleaning capabilities and services.

All our employees wear uniforms with our logo and each employee is screened. We require DOT physicals, drug testing, driving record (MVR), and background checks.