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Construction / Road Construction Sweeping

Road Sweeping at Construction Sites

You can depend on Envirosweep – the largest sweeping contractor in Indiana – for all your sweeping needs.

Keeping neighbors, subcontractors, and local authorities happy is a challenge that all developers face during construction or demolition. This challenge continues and, to some extent, grows while new homeowners or commercial tenants move in.

Using our fleet of heavy highway and construction sweepers, Envirosweep provides large & small scale sweeping for excavating & paving contractors, construction sites, housing developers, subdivisions and much more!

Our sweeping service extends throughout Indiana as well as Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, & Wisconsin.

As the only NAPSA certified power sweeping company in Indiana, Envirosweep has experience through all phases of new construction, sweeping streets to completely remove tracked out dirt, caked on mud, gravel, etc.

Our scheduling department understands challenging construction timelines. In today’s competitive business climate, construction site managers who outsource their power sweeping needs to Envirosweep keep subcontractors productive, while we focus on cleaning up around the jobsite and removing the dirt tracked out by vehicles exiting the site.

Obligation to Clean Up Tracked Dirt and Soil Runoff

During building or demolition, construction vehicles exiting your jobsite onto paved roads and streets are the primary source of track out that can reach storm drains (and ultimately the water system).  Construction contractors and project site owners are required to prevent dirt and debris from earth disturbance (digging, trackout, etc.) from entering storm drains. Excess track out that is not cleaned up in a timely fashion can lead to your jobsite getting shut down, resulting in costly fines, downtime, and could cause your project to fall behind schedule.

Having responsible, knowledgeable partners dedicated to helping keep dirt off roadways is critical. Envirosweep’s knowledge of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) and Clean Water Act (CWA) regulations makes your job easier.

A Better Image and Reduced Potential Liability

Implementing an ongoing sweeping plan on your construction site reduces contractor liability caused by damage from loose rocks, dirt and debris.

Regularly scheduled sweeping of construction areas is a requirement to help control fugitive dust and storm water runoff contamination of fresh water, as well as meet the local environmental regulations and promote good standing with inspectors. Envirosweep can help by creating a scheduled routine sweeping program coordinated with your building timetable to help fulfill regulatory compliance for fugitive dust and SWPPP.

24/7 Emergency Jobsite Sweeping Services

Envirosweep is familiar with unplanned site visits and unexpected demands for clean roads leading to construction sites. Our sweeping professionals are ALWAYS available to help your jobsite be environmentally compliant with local & federal regulations.

Scheduling sweeping services with Envirosweep today may help avoid penalties, work-stoppage delays and fines while you are also protecting the environment.


All Vacuum Truck Sweeping will be completed with a Regenerative Air Street Sweeper with a high-efficiency multipass, cylindrical, centrifugal dust separator to clean the air before it passes to the blower coupled with a controlled jet of air directed through a blast orifice to dislodge debris from the paved surface while also using various water nozzles to provide dust suppression while in operation.  The concentrated high velocity air is blasted into cracks and crevices removing fine dust particulates as well as larger debris such as leaves, trash, dirt & rocks. Our equipment passes the strict South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) Rule 1186 standard for excellent dust and PM10 control.


Envirosweep, LLC in Indianapolis, IN is a family owned and operated company that started in 1981. We have grown to become Indiana’s largest sweeping company and are the only power sweeping company in Indiana to be NAPSA certified.

Using our fleet of heavy highway and construction sweepers, Envirosweep provides large & small scale sweeping for interstates, highways, airports, municipalities, power plants and much more.

Our sweeping service extends throughout all of Indiana as well as Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, & Wisconsin.

Envirosweep has the industries best equipment and employee expertise to meet your specific street sweeping needs. Call today or send us a service request to learn more about our construction sweeping capabilities and services.

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