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Parking Lot Sweeping Service

Curb Appeal!

As the largest sweeping contractor in Indiana, you can depend on Envirosweep to help your company make a great first impression on customers and employees before they even enter the building. We provide nightly litter sweeping & day shift litter pick up to over 1,000 customers throughout Indiana as well as Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, & Wisconsin.

For better or worse, your company makes its first impression on customers and employees when they pull in the parking lot. An entry point littered with trash and other discarded items says something negative about the business itself.  Do you really want food, trash, dirty diapers, cigarette butts, etc. laying around outside of your multimillion dollar facility?

Having a NAPSA accredited power sweeping company clean your business’s parking areas on a regular basis puts you on track to make a positive first impression by keeping your building exterior free of trash and other debris.

In retail shopping, as in life, first impressions are lasting impressions. That’s why it’s so important for your store to greet customers with an impression of neatness and cleanliness.

Major retail chains have long recognized that shoppers prefer a neater, cleaner store over an untidy, dirty one. That’s why they spend the time and money needed to clean and polish the floors and tidy up the displays before their stores open in the morning. An impression of clutter or uncleanliness can make people feel uneasy. When a shopper doesn’t feel comfortable, they will want to leave the store sooner and isn’t as likely to make a purchase.

In short, cleaner stores generate more profit. The more time a prospect spends browsing in your store, the more likely that person is to make a purchase.

It is in your best interest to rely on professional cleaning services. In any event, it’s important to do whatever is necessary to make sure that your store gives off a clean and tidy impression. Keep the floors clean, the shelves and displays well-stocked and orderly, and no matter what don’t forget the parking lot!


Envirosweep, LLC in Indianapolis, IN is a family owned and operated company that started in 1981. We have grown to become Indiana’s largest sweeping company and are the only power sweeping company in Indiana to be NAPSA certified.

Using our fleet of heavy highway and construction sweepers, Envirosweep provides large & small scale sweeping for interstates, highways, airports, municipalities, power plants and much more.

Our sweeping service extends throughout all of Indiana as well as Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, & Wisconsin.

Envirosweep has the industries best equipment and employee expertise to meet your specific street sweeping needs. Call today or send us a service request to learn more about our parking lot sweeping capabilities and services.

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